No failure is eternal


Hi there,
      Enjoying the symmetry of life? Or fenced by the lumps of thoughts you once wished for but didn’t get or by the things which you never thought you would face but you’re gripped by them.

Okay!  What made my attention draw towards this side was when I opened today’s newspaper and came across several columns filled with the description  of the students  who scored so well in their board exams.  The toppers,  the achievers,  their experience,  their career objective. Well,  hearty congratulations!
But what  swayed me was a column filled with the distressing news that how a student  hanged himself  to death for not scoring high enough he thought he would be scoring.
Every person  carries an ocean of failures on their shoulders,  a pyramid  of incapabilities on their head,  and heap of shattered dreams  in their eyes.
But friends,  Is it the end of everything ? Is a failure is big enough that you’ll end up giving your life? No! Not at all.  A failure does not define you.  A big car is nothing,  a big job is nothing,  good grades are nothing,  your vision and your attitude towards your life is. 
I do understand  how it feels like,  thousands of thoughts clubbing your mind together.  Your friends scoring  better grades than you,  the phone calls of your relatives,  turning up of your neighbors,  all just to know how you scored.  A series of irregular thoughts and life seems so unjust so unfair.
Even I’ve experienced the same phase of life. It was like a massive havoc to me which  I thought I would never be able to overcome.  The fear settled into my veins.  But believe me,  it was just a dark cloud,  and you know nothing can prevent the sun rays pass through.

You’ll have to make a decision  that how big the obstacle is,  you’ll move on.  And this is not going to happen automatically.  You need to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how disappointed I’m,  I don’t care how hard it gets,  I don’t care if I failed,  I’m not going to to let this fade the best of me’.

A failure is like a hurdle race. The hurdles are nothing,  they are there just to slow us down and to give us a chance to know how badly we want to cross those hurdles and reach our destination. View the hurdles  as detour signs to avoid pitfalls. You may witness many defeats,  many failures, but you must not be defeated,  you must not be failed.  Yesterday ended the last night,  make sure you don’t miss the very moment.

We all come across many failures in life.  An unrequited love,  a vexed wish,  lack of finance,  unsatisfying grades,  losing a close one,  when the promises break,  when your expectations dies.  But time is passing by and no feeling is constant.  The storm comes and splits the nest but to the birds break their feathers? Do they stop flying?  No! They start afresh,  fly high to make a new nest and this time  a more stronger one.

A failure isn’t a full stop.  It just tells us how much more we need to learn, need to grow.
Never see your superiors rather see your inferiors.  There are people who don’t even have a penny to spend on themselves, there are people who can barely afford to make out for a meal or two, there’s a mother who prays night and day for the safety of her soldier son, there’s  a lover who floods his bed weeping all night long, there’s a farmer desiring for rains,  there’s a poor  child dreaming for new clothes,  there’s a toddler who wish for toys,  there’s a father working hard for the comforts of his children,  there are victims of acid attacks,  there are women who were sexually abused,  there’s  a widow who lost her husband to martyrdom,  there’s  a blind who desires for the light,  Endless and  Endless of beseeches .

Friends, life is full of struggles and that’s what gives it a taste.  Life is like a coin.  It is dual faced,  one of sadness,  another one of happiness and you have no idea what comes to your credit by the time you toss it.

Now on a special note to the ones who are grief-stricken by the reason of their not scoring so well.  Okay!  You aren’t amongst the so called  intelligent smart ’90+scorers’  and you might be tensed about your future,  thinking and worrying if you’re going to get admission in a good college or not.  Just think once!  Is it necessary that you can prove your capabilities only by being  a medical or engineering student?  Aren’t there other fields and interest zones where you can prove yourself.  Sometimes  the best things come in small packets.  Similarly,  you can touch the horizon if you start from the  ocean floor.  All you need is a positive approach towards your life,   jest of learning ,  curiosity of exploring new things and hard work.

Keep on working hard friends.  Whatever  field you opt just do your best and showcase yourself.  But make sure that you don’t regret anything at the  end.

Life is very beautiful.  It’s very colorful. Kick aside the bad day and be thankful  to the  one less bad day to pass through.  Today might be bad,  tomorrow might be shitty ,  the next day might be even worst but who says that the next day in the series won’t be the best day of your life? Let every day bring an opportunity to start a happy and positive beginning.  Your life is what you make it.

So friends,  just because that you’re failed once doesn’t means that you’re going to fail daily.
Just keep trying  and hold on,  think positive,  and always believe in yourself, because if you don’t then who will Darling ?

So keep you head high and your chin North  and and and most importantly keep smiling always because this life is a beautiful one and there’s so much to smile about.
Remember,  the spring arrives ,  flower blossoms,  spreading their fragrance around and then comes summer,  wilting the flowers.  But when spring arrives the next season, the flowers bloom out again spreading the fragrance in every corner and making the world look even more beautiful.
Keep smiling 🙂
Keep Loving 💜
Keep living :))


9 thoughts on “No failure is eternal”

  1. Very powerful words and such an encouraging positive message. It’s something a great many people to hear. Failure isn’t unique we all share it and it shapes us to be the flawed lovable people that we are. This is a marvellous message to share with the world and anyone who has felt the sting of a disappointing grade. Very well put and written with wisdom. Great read!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s the cliché failure is success training. You learn, grow and become who you’re meant to be and there you find the path that leads you from despair. Sadly in a world of immediate gratification we don’t have as much patience. I know I’m guilty of it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s the inescapable truth that we’re all impatient, we just need to learn not to give up in that moment and wait just a second longer. Breathe ans reset, the world isn’t over its just different. There’s no good or bad yet, you get to decide how to own the difference and live that special life of yours.

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