When the pages unfold


How long has it been when you last thought about the sweven that once used to occupy you entirely. The dreams which used to captivate your thoughts, your senses.

When you cross the path which you once hiked,  hands in hands,  shoulders with shoulders, collateral legs. A feeling so complete that not even for a while you thought if this stound is going to dwell for long. Will it be a forever?  Or just the path will be left and the two souls will diverge and run apart from the tract.
But when the story concludes(which you never thought would happen)  and the book is closed,  the pages unfold and the memories come forth as bold capital letters raising before your eyes just like the inevitable winds tapping your face and with every word refreshes the transit memories,  a gone moment,  a little infinity.

The feeling of reminisce when those dedicated songs beats into your ears, when you taste their favorite food,  when you revisit the places you once sojourned together,  the essence of characteristic aura of your beloved,  when you run through the letters,  those endless conversations. It’s wonderful how much can be adjured  with a few notes of a song or a distant whiff of a room.

Even the Seasonal behavior retraces back the time.  The falling rains,  the scorching heat,  the humid wind messing with the hairs,  the blooming spring,  the pale mellow autumn leaves, the battling of the metro engines, the historic walls, the soft grass, the traveled routes  and the inestimable flashbacks which even the words could not suffice.

And the tears,  the idle tears,  the ones from the depth of some divine despair.  They rise in the heart and gather into the eyes.  They look on the happy summer fields and think of the days that are no more.  The kisses seems to be lost in the jest,  the hugs in the play but the depth of those eyes haunts me night and day.
For many people the memories they cherish before breakup later becomes their worst enemies. And you hear your friends saying ‘Move on! You deserve better’.  But No! that’s  not what love is.  For me,  reminiscing those memories and living in them is quite better than locking them in a box,  hiding it in dark and throwing the keys away.  I prefer living in a time where all my yesterdays were buried deep because I have no idea about the future but I definitely know one thing that there will be no better time than the one I already lived. And I know I still endure in the memories and the memories still  dwells in me and the past beats inside me like  a second heart.

Though the book is now closed but when the pages unfold,  they  refresh the juncture heaped on my heart and the old flashbacks that abide in me.

May be a happy ending does no include togetherness.  It’s just the love you took most out of that book.  So let the pages unfold and let the memories crawl into your veins,  pick up the pieces and start writing another book- your brand of love. Your brand of life.
Let there be endless toasts of love, an overdose of it… Fulsomeness of awesomeness…a plethora of smiles…. A strong and everlasting you.


25 thoughts on “When the pages unfold”

  1. I think it takes a special heart to be able to hold on to those memories. I find if I don’t lock them away they consume me. Only with time can I revisit but they’re always bittersweet. This is a beautifully written piece. I love your perspective and envy it at the same time. I’m glad I stumbled on this its been a great read. Thank you for sharing!!!

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      1. You are a far stronger person than me. I get better at it the older I get but I’m it’s a drawback of living with my heart of my sleeve and being way hyper sensitive. Still after all the pain I want those memories to remind me that I took chances in life and can again!

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  2. It was awesome.. Life guru 🙌
    Congratulations, u got a lot of things as memories.
    I know few people who got few words to remember nothing else..

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  3. As I have known you much better than before and above that each and every line of by is bringing your feelings which you don’t share with anyone but here..
    It has been beautifully written and expressed by you..
    Being strong and showing yourself strong are two different things which is ideally seen in your thoughts..

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    1. That’s what exactly the story is. People get to know the only part of my life I wish them to show. Some things /feelings are better if they remain hidden.


      1. That is exactly but there should be at least one person who should be knowing at least 99% of you😃😃😃


      2. There are people who’ll find out the very 100% of you and your life without even your knowledge. There are people who can read your face and understand your situation. There are people who can sense and feel your emotions. Though I never wanted to show my dark sides but ‘these people’ somehow will get to know about me and ‘these people’ are hard to come by. Only with time and experience you get to find them. I hope and I really hope that someday really soon I’ll have ‘these people’ (one or two) in my life.
        No doubt you’re a gem Amit


  4. hello, anjali! i find you really beautiful! and read most of your poems and really liked them! anyway, i was wondering, if i could talk to you? you seem a lil upset! 🙂

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      1. fine is never really fine, beautiful! i think we both can agree on that! and i wasn’t really talking about the posts. i was talking about you.


      2. anyway, i just saw that there’s a picture of you here and so well, i wrote you a lil poetry, my love.
        oh love, let me read you, to you for oh you feel beautiful! oh anjali, how beautiful do you seem to be, love? for oh i try glancing in your eyes so hazel, only to fall in love with the sunset, i would witness you wear, every time you’d smile, for oh you my love, are beautiful, like no other! oh name your scars after me, love so i could plant them w a seed, that i’d witness you giving birth, with a smile, i fell in love with, that belonged to you, for oh my love, you’re beautiful, like no other. oh anjali, smile for you’re a rose, that i’d love to see bloom, everyday, only to wake up next to it, as i fall in love w the way, it would smile at me, through it’s petals, yet again, for oh my love, you’re beautiful, just the way you’re.

        so well, you’re beautiful! don’t be upset, love!
        and sorry for calling you love, it’s just when i’m feeling, it gets printed w my words, for oh you feel beautiful! i’m sorry!
        take care of yourself!

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  5. Oh I can never be a rose for Oh I hate roses. And Oh there’s no picture so clear I’ve posted here that you could see my Hazel eyes.
    Oh thanks a lot for this love that you have.
    And Oh never let it die.



    1. and do i really need to see your eyes, to tell you oh they feel like hazel? for oh i don’t read words, but oh i read emotions, and oh my love, they’d feel hazel, and so do you, just the way you’re.

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