Hey there Delilah! 


Observer the world calls me,

I acquaint myself the same.

Suchlike I observed you,

I fathom to prove the same.

I’ll never forget the way you looked,

When I saw you there that day.

Your silhouette emerging towards me

In the warm and gentle light,

I could Finally see you there.

We began to walk the path,

Side by side,

Hands touching fluky,

On a journey of exploration

Not knowing where the path would lead

And not caring,

Because with you the maiden cross path felt so familiar.

At first I was shy; I didn’t know what to say,

But I had to say something to woo you my way.

My first words to you were clumsy and crude,

I was trying so hard to be nice and not rude.

As We cruised along the lake with the wind blowing my hair,

Smiling at nothing at all, happy without a care.

Like two birds soaring through the clear blue sky.

You smiled at me with your warm caring face,

And suddenly I felt heaven was this place.

I never imagined, how sweet this could be,

With emotion and desire, you sucked me in.

A pair of day and a heap of memories to say.

Everything was perfect and the heart was so glad,

But the partings are always sad.

The clock restricted us and we bid goodbye

We’ll meet again vowed our eyes.

Hands extended,  I sensed your shell

A warm subtle chill crept up and down my spine.

 Believe me Darling…

You’ve held my heart in your hands ever since that day..

So engrossed and swept away

You’d reach my core in your own special way…..


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