The rear view mirror… 

I sat on the corner back seat of the Auto rickshaw gaping at him through the rear view mirror, 
and he gazed me blushing like a barbie all the time.
Those were the days he  rushed missing the class and holidays, traveling miles in the crowdy massed trains, 
to steal those amorous looks and some time out of the bemusing life,  narrowing the distance, 
 days starting with a perky metro route and talks with throbbing heart, sparkling eyes, happiness and nervousness at the same time, 
up till the evenings amidst the velvet soft grass and he being lost in the parameters of my hands. 
I still remember those rear view mirrors,
for I loved his beaming smile, his eyes sneaking me through the other rear view mirror ,
And saying… Hey you look prettier in ethnic. 
Me… Him…. and his alluring eyes, all in the same place. 


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