A catastrophe I call Life… 

​I look to my tomorrow in trepidation. 

I know not where I’ll go from here. 

My life has been loaded with agony. 
I feel I have nothing left to pick up. 

I’ve looked as my reality went to pieces. 

I felt defenseless and alone from the begin. 
Tears ought to never tumble from my eyes. 
I have no more opportunity to cry. 

Sleep escapes me consistently. 

I just lay sitting tight for the day to light. 
On the off chance that life is intended to be a trial, I have been sentenced. 
Of what violations my psyche is so at odds. 

What wrongs did I do? 
Is it safe to say that i was just excessively solid for you,  Life? 

I bent, yet never did I break. 
I can inhale all the more uninhibitedly now, 
In any case, I know not how.Each day proceeds with same as the one preceding. 
Some of the time I need to simply stop and yell, no more! 
It would be ideal if I ask of you. 

Discharge me from this catastrophe I call life. 
The agony now and again has cut me like a blade. 
There must be another way, a superior spot for me. 
I figure I will simply need to proceed to sit back and watch.


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