If I say I love you,  this is what I mean.. 

I love you. And not a day goes by that I don’t want to tell you..

In any case, the quiet verse that throbs in my chest can’t be articulated in three little words—or 3,000 so far as that is concerned. At whatever point I attempt to depict the way I feel for you, each word appears to be trite and empty; the entire English vocabulary deficit.

Perhaps on the off chance that I compose it, crude and uncut. In the event that I spill myself out, and inhale energy fire into these words and make them live, they may come into your heart and move. Perhaps when you read this it will take you there—to where the wild drums are pounding, where torment and ecstasy both run together, where significant others kick the bucket into each other, and are born once more…

I want you to feel this…

If I say “I love you,” what I really mean is that I want you. From the very first time, we shared words together , I have longed for you, for your embrace, for you looking into my eyes, for you loving me deeply.

Even the sound of your voice turn me on. It’s undeniable. It’s chemical. It’s electric.

If I say “I love you,” I really mean that you’re beautiful . You’re handsome in your boots and uniform and all your tee’s and shorts , and even more so in your shaved head without a cap or a hat whatsoever. When you’re not even trying, when you let go and just be carelessly, naturally you, it takes my breath away- like a Falling night reflected in still water, or a starry night so clear you can see the Milky Way spilled out over the sky.

If I say “I love you,” I mean that I love your form, your body, your arc and elegance. I love how you move, your effortless grace. I love how you walk, your rhythm and sway.

If I say “I love you,” I mean every inch of you, pretty much as you may be. I adore your irrationality and your fun loving nature, how effortlessly we can giggle at ourselves and at life. I adore your mettle, your quality. I adore your desire and shakiness. I adore your (occasionally agonizing) genuineness. I adore how you truly walk your discussion and assume liability for your own “stuff.” I cherish your readiness to confront your fears and develop. I adore who you are, where it counts—the ageless innocence I find in your eyes. Underneath all that you say and do I see an immaculate and benevolent plan, a kind and selfless soul.
If I say “I love you,” I mean I trust you. I respect you. I admire you. I adore you.

If I say “I love you,” It means that I’m sorry. I’m sad for each time I underestimate you. I’m sad for each time I’m excessively occupied, excessively far off, excessively self-assimilated, making it impossible to set aside a few minutes for you. I’m sad for each time I miss the mark concerning being the girl you deserve .

If I say “I love you,” I mean my life is better with you in it. I feel like a superior girl with your presence in my life., The more I come to know you, the more I desire to know. I miss you when you’re not around. I’m thankful for each minute we’re together.

If I say “I love you,” I mean, I want to be the one you swing to when you’re hurt. I want to be the one who tunes in. I want to be the one who take you in arms and hug you. I want to give you something to remain on in this insane, constantly changing world.

If I say “I love you,” I mean I want to make a home and a family with you. I want you to be my accomplice, my beloved. I need to wake up beside you in the morning. I need you adjacent to me when I close my eyes at night . In a universe of unending conceivable outcomes, on a planet of seven billion people, I need you…….

Here I am—body and soul, sinner and saint, warrior and fool, all of my love and all of my baggage—all of me. Here I am, with open arms.
I see you—father , son, brother, lover, the light and the darkness, the god and the scared little boy—all of you. I want you, all of you, you and only you, just as you are.
I have a place here in my heart for you.

All you did was smile at me..
and I was yours forever…


4 thoughts on “If I say I love you,  this is what I mean.. ”

  1. Love is truly an enigmatic expressions that truly challenge our abilities to truly describe. For love is a daily decision, a powerful emotion, combined with actions and observations. Such is often beyond the scope of our articulation.

    Yet you so eloquently describe how Love is part of who you are and how you share it. Thank you so much for such insight!

    Liked by 1 person

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