I watch the unborn flickering

There’s a certain dubious period of time that flickers the burning frame in our gusto.  The thoughts of uncertainty damages our deliberations and we’re left with a puzzled phase. 

It’s easy to say and to consider that we must leave things at their own pace but it’s equally uneasy to accept the very thing.  

It’s easy to quote “Don’t think about the future.  Live the present.”  But when your future seems  dipped in blues and charred by tragedy how can anyone be chuffed with their present. 

Your heart is on stake and your emotions are timorius. 

All that comes in your mind is ‘cry now a little less than crying rest of your life’  which is another tedious task. 

​I miss you although  I have you here next to me.

 I watch the burning candle flicker.

 Blood can stream before the injury shows up. 

Imagination, agonizing now, will manage me. 

Through the coming hard and desolate years. 

I think that its difficult to confront our separation, 

Feeling ahead of time the tweaking torment, 
Envisioning the years of devastation, 
Until we are together once again.  
However that same nonexistent force. 
Will convey to us in advance all the delight. 
That, longed for in some isolated hour,
Our tragic and desolate exhaustion will float. 

Though I suffer more when  you’re  near,

I’ll endure less when you’re no more here. 


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