The Disguised Day…

Life, a prickly stinging sensation that majorly seems to appear like a bed of roses but escapes no turn to girdle you in the brambles of the lust and mirage.

Legend says, “There’s sunshine behind every cloud”  and that “After ever bad day comes a glad day” but there are a chunk of people like me with another supernumerary day known as the disguised day- A day as beautiful as the white velvet petaled  flowers that grows in the marshy damp lands and as soon as you raise a step you’re entangled by the snare!

But don’t you blame the day for it’s not genuine a day but is the delusion created by the assembly of ilks of your brain that has sufficed a tendency of leading everything to ruins . Ups and down are deeply bred-in-the-bone and playing with snake has now become a habit and the games played by fate in the past has made you acquire a tendency to spoil everything that comes at your door. You’re acustommed  to spoil and ruin everything all when it’s going smooth and fine.  Even the fear of losing your friends seems vanishing from your nerves. 

I’ve seen people who has acquired this distant state.  I don’t know if you,  my readers, are one among the very few but I’m one amongst them who has cultivated this state of anomality.

After all the bitter words uttered and the harsh names recited, the ‘anonymous’ ‘strange’ ‘unbeknown’ occupant zone finally feels calm and composed after the victory over my senses and winning the war of bifurcation.

Following the war of bifurcation, is the’ state of Remorse’ that brings the sense of acknowledgement and realization  with it. Everything done sways and touches my mind again and I realize the mistake I did under the influence of that anonymous’ ‘strange’ ‘unbeknown’ occupant zone.  But the pecuilar trait which comes wrapped along with this state is that it does not allow me to undo the actions I executed. Though now I’m well aware of the voids my actions have created by giving upon my beloved ones at the stake of my moods but this state that’s bred-in-the-bone does not allow my senses to win the game of bifurcation. 

There I am,  not lonesome but with hands to lead me from darkness to light. After all the chaos that my actions create, one thing always remains the same- My Friends. Yeah,  their support!They do have a control over my senses.   I’m  supported by friends no less than gems. They really help my senses to win the game of bufurcation. They are my constants.

(Now I can’t really describe the qualities they have as describing them will require me another plenary blog.)


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