My race is Love! 

​Standing over the basin

Ive been washing my face in

Jet black mascara racing

Down my cheeks till I taste it

Staring at my reflection

Every slight imperfection

Staring back at me

Naked as a girl can be

In a society that features and emphasizes your looks, judge you by your race, it’s easy to let your feelings about looks overtake all other aspects of your self-esteem. 
As I would see it, the most alluring individuals are the ones who realize that their physical appearance isn’t the most appealing thing about them. They have a specific sort of confidence, they’re normally more enjoyable to hang out with, and they’re the sort of individuals who are prepared to love you for your identity and not what you are.
Self-perception, body image is no light subject. There are individuals who are suffering legitimate illnesses, mental and physical, relating to how they appear. At the absolute minimum, I assume, everyone feels as if they are not very impressive sooner or later, somehow. I am not the slightest bit attempting to decrease the torment that individuals encounter with respect to their physical appearances. I simply trust that, if notwithstanding for a couple of minutes, you can listen to me.

I surmise, fascination that is not physical can wind up being physical in the long run, when you truly develop to think about somebody. Tune in, I’m not going to lie and say that individual grooming and cleanliness aren’t essential, they clearly are. In any case, at the end of the day , you should be with somebody who needs you for your identity, and regards how you need to present yourself. Not somebody who needs you to appear as though they need you to.
How you introduce yourself says something about you, we can’t imagine it doesn’t. In any case, a standout amongst the most intense things it can say is that you mind enough to deal with yourself, yet regardless you realize that it’s by all account not the only thing awesome about you.

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel” ~Steve Furtick

Guys of the universe: will let you know something at this moment. I couldn’t care less, even a tad bit, in the event that you are physically “great.” And you shouldn’t either. You don’t need to be muscular or have a stomach so tight you can bounce a penny off of it. To be honest, I’m usually turned off by those things. Perhaps I’m simply strange. 

I guess I feel like you’re spending too much time in the gym and not enough doing other things that make you an interesting human. That’s just me, though. I want you to be real; I don’t want some carbon copy of a perfect, generic male companion. I want you and all your quirks and “imperfections.” What I’m concerned about is how awesome you are, and how much we jive while we’re hanging out. Our physical appearances are going to fall to shit eventually, so might as well be interested in something beyond that, right?
It generally gets me when I hear guys admit that they’re embarrassed or worried about their appearance.  I guess it’s because I’m so used to hearing girls lament the subject, hearing that guys do as well is both refreshing (woah, we’re all human? We all feel this way?!) but equally disturbing because it’s so unfortunate that anyone has to think like that. Yo, dudes, we’re not looking for supermen (or women). We’re looking for real, loving, genuine, kick-ass people who lift us up and make us happy. If you are interested in girls (or guys) who are made happy by how in shape you are, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Adore yourself for everything inside you, and you’ll have the capacity to discover another person who does too.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of the possibility that you’ll never have the capacity to be completely happy with what you look like, you don’t need to be to in any case be a splendidly commendable and lovely individual. 

You’re not going to change society’s definition of beauty, but you can change your own.


23 thoughts on “My race is Love! ”

  1. adorable! one more quote of a giant, to underline your excellent post, well written and even better intended! “everything is beautiful, that is looked upon through loving eyes” christian morgenstern. and one quote from Me: the moment we discover how to wholeheartedly love ourselves, we will have reinvented fire #StrictMotivation

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  2. You’re not going to change society’s definition of beauty, but you can change your own.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Your words have strength. And so does your character. I'm so happy to have read this!
    Truthfully saying, I am really proud of you! You go girl!

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