Love is in the year… 

Love  Love   Love –  The most commonly used metaphor of the age. It’s quite hilarious , how every now & then we use these three words,  “I LOVE YOU” without even knowing the actual meaning they enclose. 
Someone asked me lately, what love to me is?  My fingers took a pause while texting. “I just cannot define it because if I did, I would restrict it’s growth, will set limits and I do not want to set any boundaries for it because it’s limitless”, I replied. 
It’s obtuse, how couples, hardly knowing each other, keep on filling each other’s ears chanting endless “love you’s”. I’ve witnessed people waking up early morning and the first thing they look for is their phone to greet their so called ‘love of the life’,  A good morning, good wishes often followed with series of love you’s,  all sort of dramatic emotional phrases and what not! But they never do remember to greet their parents the same with similar  interest. 
I’m acquainted to the immoderate boyfriends of my girlfriends (sorry ha!!!! :p) asking their whereabouts, but how many of them actually care to skip few minutes from their schedule to call up their parents and ask the same. I don’t know,  how many of us last made our parents feel special or spent a quality time.  But you see!  All we care about is to make our ‘partners’  often tagged as ‘better halves’ feel cheerful. As if love is a food whose only recipe is just an opposite sex partner whom we consider our scope of happiness and we live with the perception that they and their happiness is the sole reason behind our existence or happiness. 

*Frown * Hey!!  Do you think, the one who assured to love you and promised to stay by you,  will ever dare to leave you, in any case? 

No! Not at all!! 

One who loves you, will never leave your side, howsoever jet black the sky may turn, how critical the situation may become, true love will always find it’s way to eternity. 

Does this sound dubious at this instance?  Not after you read the next lines. You’ll find it sensible once you wide up your narrow psychology behind love and replace your ex/present gf/bf with the love of your parents.  Ain’t it selfless? Ain’t it pure? Ain’t it eternal? Ain’t it Evergreen? 

Do not relate love with feelings,  the later one involves hormones that changes with time, person, situation and conditions but love,  it never alters, it’s constant, it’s unconditional. We do sometimes relate infatuation with love. 

You know, I see love everywhere around myself. It’s in the blessings of our elders, in sweet-bitter fights with our siblings, when all my friends eat up the delicious food I bring someday, in our short-term fights and immediate reunions, in the prayers of a needy whom you share your lunch with, in the common shouts of a father and the rescuing by a mother, in a supportive teacher, a helping stranger, eating our favorite food, buying a new dress,  the first rain of the rainy season, the beauty and the sweet aroma of the flower, the beaming, fresh, sunshine, appreciation by the boyfriend or girlfriend, the patience of the constant listener-the moon, in the whispers as the air pass across the trees, the birds chirping, listening our favorite music, dancing with full life, screaming aloud, laughing to the fullest, dancing in the rain, stealing cheese from the refrigerator, traveling new places, the Captivating smell of the wet soil……

Well….i must stop now :p As I mentioned, I can’t define it. I’ve infinite reasons to be happy and infinite reasons to love and feel loved. 

We tend to think that the meaning of love is to love one person. But truly, what is the meaning of love? The beautiful thing about love is that we don’t have to limit our loving to just our romantic partner or our family. We can love everyone we encounter. When we are present, we have nothing to fear, so we don’t have to create any boundaries about who can receive our love. When we are with anyone without judging them in any way, we feel love for them. It doesn’t matter if this person is our spouse or a salesman at a shop. 
Love is never judgemental. When you start judging your beloved, be it his behavior, external appearance or whatever that takes away his originality or refrains him from being the real him with you, you have no right to say you love him/her. Have you ever seen a mother differentiating amongst her children on the basis of their complexion?  For her,  all are equal and she loves all of them equally. But when you start figuring out the odds in your partner,  you fuel a burning soul to death. you prove how hollow your emotions are and it’s all external and will fade out with  age. Love is complete acceptance, without a belief that they aren’t good enough for you or are not compatible. 

Love is filling the voids.  Love is selfless. Love is complete understanding and trust. Love, unlike feelings, do not come and go. It’s not circumstantial. 
People rightly use the word “falling in love”  as you can never rise in love.  When you love someone, you give a part of yourself to them,  be it attention, time, care or whatever, depending upon the situation – reaction.  Thus, you give a part of yourself, keeping yourself at loss,  thus falling in love. Because it’s when their happiness matters to you more than yours. 

New year is 26 hours away. And the new book is about to flip it’s page. Make sure,  we create a book binded with love, made up of love, and written with love. Let’s make it a happy one. Give a new perception to life. Let’s bring home a new sunshine and let’s start another revolution round the sun,  boosted with energy of love. This new year, be someone’s reason to smile and make everyone’s happiness, your reason to smile. 
Let’s inhale the air of love and enlighten ourselves towards a new beginning. As someone has rightly said,  

It’s never too late to start over. 

If you weren’t happy with yesterday, 

Do something different today! 

Don’t stay stuck! 

Do better, Be better! “


13 thoughts on “Love is in the year… ”

    1. And that’s because you never thought that they would leave. But they did. Right? And so your opinion changed contrary to it. Well, that’s the whole pick of the life. You never know who might kick you aside. And believe me, betrayal always comes in an unexpected way.

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      1. Who are we to keep our hopes reliable on a particular person. You know, we even break promises that we make to ourself. We lie to ourself. So often we cheat ourselves. So who are we to keep up our hopes binded with someone else? Let your hopes break. It’s gonna be painful. The experience will shut you down for a while or long but in the race, you’ll definitely come across someone who’ll fight to sustain and nourish those hopes of yours. Do not kill your hopes, just do not link it with someone. Expectations always hurts.

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  1. It seems that the writer has some pain with her life and to fill that she is generalizing her personal thought with everyone but in real everything is in vain..

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  2. This is good writing and with so much truth… It is encouraging and motivates one to love all the more!


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