The masquerade exposed…

Delightful, I planned to narrow the distance,

700 miles,  a long way though,

But my heart geared up my mind to reach to thou,

Date fixed,

Tickets done,

Mapped an excuse to mom,

I won’t be coming tonight home,

Hearts sparkling in my eyes,

Too eager to look in thy eyes,

Across the way, I addressed you to the clouds,

Caught in a sigh with a bright frown.

We’ll fulfill a dream tonight,

Walk across your campus,

hands in hands,

like the way you used to fantasize,

I was eager to see you in surprise,

You would hold me in your arms with a gentle pie,

The entry of your campus started turning clear,

I rushed towards the end, off the trees,

And there they were, ……

Hands in hands,

He looked smart, like always,

Like the last we met,

What changed was the girl holding his hands….

Watching the abrupt, I made a pause,

Turned around and reached aback home.

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