The masquerade of emotions. 

​​Dear Anahita, 

                         I know it hurts you staying too far away from me. You know, it hurts me even more. Chandigarh-Kanpur,  a distance of 700 miles has set a great barrier for my eyes to see my sunshine. But I miss you everyday. You know, right? I know, I don’t call you whenever I want to. Neither I ask your whereabouts very often but that does not mean that I don’t love you. Right? 

           Engineering is such a curse, Yaar. It keeps me busy from morning to night. And then I have to make out some time for my body and well-being as well. Also I have a keen interest in TV series,  you know that. But hey!  There ain’t any moment when you do not cross my mind. I think of you everytime but when it comes to call you or text you, I just go effortless. I do not know, but finding difficulty in making an initiation has always been a problem to me. But that is no reason to judge my love for you. 

          I know my mom didn’t like your photograph, nor did my brother and they asked me to turn back from this relationship. Even I went confused for a while for what am I doing with myself or this relationship? And sooner, this lead to certain misunderstandings and we broke up. I know, I always quote, “you aren’t beautiful Anahita. Your cheeks are extra chubby. Your facecut is like a papaya. Your nose is too broad. Your complexion is dark. You don’t have a good background. And that my mom is right quoting the same, because you are not.”. 

        I accept and regret that it took me 9 months to  realize that all this has no relation with the love I have for you. You know, you make me feel complete. What I lack, you fulfill and I know having you by my side will make me a modest man,  a generous human being. I know you aren’t beautiful, but who is perfect? You love me like no one else do and that’s what I want. 
             9 long months and I got you back. May be your love for me was too strong to let go all the statements I quoted for you. I’m lucky to have you. Lucky to have a girl who loves me to an extent that whatsoever I do,  she never give up on me. 

         Well, it’s useless to remember the worthless time that is now past four months old. I want to create good memories with you. You know, my university campus appears so beautiful at night. Covered with lights and the beautiful atmos that it creates. I always wish of a day when you will be here with me and we’ll walk hands in hands across this campus.

       I feel like something is fading between us, you are changing, you are becoming more of an angry bird, easily irritable. You don’t text and call me as often as you used to. I figure,  something is not right. I hope you’re fine. 

       Hey! Stay happy. And remember, you’re loved. Somebody wants you, Somebody needs you, Somebody dreams of bringing you home one day. 

With Love, 



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