Victims of change 

As hard as it is sometimes to fathom out 

I believe things happen for a reason even now after all this time.

 We didn’t foresee the voyage would be so long, 

Or the sea at times so tempestuous and cruel. 

I’m sure the ocean will twist and turn still, 

Before we find our footing together on dry land. 

Maybe we are destined to keep sailing on.

Time can be devilish in it’s ticking.

I never said the adventure would be easy, 

There’s always a price to pay for great adventures. 


7 thoughts on “Victims of change ”

  1. There’s always a price to pay for great adventures. WoW!!!
    Hello there beautiful,
    Thankyou so much for visiting my blog! Much Appreciated 🙂
    This poem was great, loved it !
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    Because the world has been nice to me, I must reciprocate !
    These are a series of videos, I’ve created which will help you and I to be better of us.
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    Acceptance :
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    Do tell me how you liked it. Feel free to add in your remarks as well.

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