Discrete actions in an ocean of words 

​Only if our words were the sole criteria to measure love, this world would have been filled with plenty of it. But the actions defines love, and the heart yells with scarcity! 

In an era where sayings diverge from doings, 

Where friendship is stored as contacts which hardly appears on call logs, 

Where every promise is just another talk of the minute, 

And every secret takes no time to become the talk of the town, 

Where the lies are plotted rather than the tours, 

Where every truth is manipulated as a joke, 

Where every emotion is shed in sarcasm, 

Where all the feelings are abandoned, 

Where the game of hearts are played by mind, 

Where attachment is just another crime, 

Where pretending seems important than enjoying, 

Where grades are important than knowledge, 

Where giving up is preferred over dealing with, 

Where the word ‘constants’  has been replaced with ‘change’, 

Where dating is the new commitment , 

Where virtual thoughts have smothered relationships, 

Where no word seems enough to explicit.

And our actions, 

never run parallel to our words, 

They’re like discrete boats, making  aimless sailings, in an ocean of words. 

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change


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