Above resistance and gravity… 

The years of being constantly knocked down are forever gone.

No more heart on her sleeve and clenched fists.

The suffocated voice inside her has grown strong.

She speaks louder than ever,

no one dares to go against her.

The fear in her eyes is replaced by vengance.

A fierce, unpredictable rebel is born.

Heading for war.

She’s now ready for anything and anyone.

The most beautiful, savage beast

anyone has ever laid eyes on.

With fire in her eyes,

purple lipstick on

She is now waiting,
To watch her enemies crumble beneath her feet.
And she breaks into that lethal smile of hers that only she possesses.

Painted a world full of happiness,

In my mind.

I painted it with words,

Of rainbow and fairytale.

Because the reality is dark and poisonous,

The world is my paradise.

Never once did I give up!

It’s not enough,

that I’m the one player trying.

I know my worth,

It’s no less than what I deserve.

Just trying to get back into the swing of things with this little piece. I’ve been preparing for my post graduation entrance and luckily I got through it. But now I’m back in the interim of another visit. The site seems to be functioning a lot better, at least for me. I’m humbled by the show of support I’ve received the past couple of weeks when I hadn’t posted anything new. I’m mostly caught up on reading and returning the love. Thanks so much, WP!


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