Uncertainty is the only certainty 

​It’s more a feeling than an actual knowing of what and how it is supposed to be. Who knows how it’s supposed to be anyways?

I saw the sunbeams cut right through the canopy and it seemed incredibly beautiful to the eyes and refreshing to the soul.

Despite the seemingly dead nature these days here in Delhi, the sun does comes out. Sometimes it shines bright, Sometimes it hides under the clouds. But this site can still not fail to catch the sight of passersby.  The birds restrict their feathers, the leaves have become pale. The green tint has beclouded the blue lake.  But the things will change again soon, they always do, Right? Uncertainty is the only certainty. 


7 thoughts on “Uncertainty is the only certainty ”

  1. ‘Uncertainty is the only certainly’ these words can come from either a drunken gambler or a tranced guru. On a lighter note, it does feel correct. May be because we all are gambling on our parts in life and we all yearn for transcending to decoding the mysteries of our existence like who are we, and what are we doing on Earth etc.. but everyday we choose and make choices between those based on our likeability about things we are less uncertain about. Usually, it is when we get tired of choosing, we say the above quote. I’m tried of choosing too. Especially, when the choices offered come to us in different disguises, except blessings.


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