Where can you be?

Trapped in a predetermined plan

Held back by unwritten customs of the human clan

I wander down the dark alleyways and I hear them commanding

You should do that! You should do this!

You’re not a kid anymore stop the whimper!

Forget those foolish naive dreams!

As I get older those commands get higher

I hear them scream

Go to college! Find a job! Work from dust till dawn to satisfy the hunger for the papers so intoxicating, so beautifuly pink!

But what is this for if it doesn’t bring me happines?

What if I don’t want to live the same boring life as they all did?

egoistic without purpose so horribly materialistic

No! That is not the path I want to take

No! That’s not me!

I’d rather be broke than fake

I’d rather be single than in the arms of a selfish snake

I’d rather be uncertain than certain about every fucking little detail

So set me free so I can be what I was always destined to be

I’ll chase my dreams, I’ll create me

I’ll find real happines inside me and I don’t need you all to agree.

We sometimes think that we have to follow a certain path that somebody had previously structured for us but we often forget that we have the ability to build our own.

We die daily, a bit every second to be what we dreamt of, to be what mobilize our soul. But that’s the tragedy you know…This life I never saw coming. I didn’t get to choose this life! But daily I try to love it with all my ripped-apart, sewn-back-together heart. Or else where can you be?


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