That floral pillow on the bed

No one would really ever know how much that pillow you’ve clenched in your hands have been accumulating in itself.

A single mother checked in to this room yesterday and caught hold of this floral pillow, crying her heart out, of how she would make her little daughter the princess in her world, how would she earn to provide her the same life she and her traitor partner together dreamt of providing their child.

People come and go. And that’s what this pillow had been observing.

It was just a week ago when a couple checked in. Lying on the bed, with their heads over the pillow, creating a stratum of promises, desires, dreams and the life that existed in their phantasm. The pillow was soaking in everything. Well that’s what it has been doing since it was placed on that bed. From the giggles of the kids to the gabbles of the young. From the sobbing lady to a groaning one. From promises to lies. From sleepless nights to sleeping in peace. This pillow was evident of them all.

Everyday this pillow gets clasped in the the hands of a new visitor. Some use it as a support to the head and neck while some pour themselves out and use it as a support to the heart. This is the difference that exist in each one of our lives.


20 thoughts on “That floral pillow on the bed”

  1. i dont have any words actually to describe ur marvelous and wonderful writing ……..u put the thoughts in such a wonderful way which no one else can….i can always connect to ur words such is ur way of writing……just keep doing like this,pursue ur interest, do well.I will do whatever will be required from my side.😘

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