Before you think they died because it’s their job, read this…

Men in olive green.

Often considered analogous to the word insensitive and iron-hearted, they are the most sensitive human beings. Because they have the selfless attitude of facing danger without even caring about where their next move can take them in life.

I often come across comments like, “oh why are they given so many privileges, separate canteens for them, separate queues for them, exemption of toll tax for them, etc.” and even like, it’s their job to protect the nation, they are getting paid for it”.

There’s this girl I met a few months back, who had the same impression about defense forces. But then one day, her own brother joined the army and went for the training. Few days later, she came up to me, crying, saying how her entire family is shook by a phone call from her brother wherein he sounded very sick and shared how harsh and tiring the training is. Just the mere thought of her brother being in trouble disturbed her to the core.

With tears in her eyes, she uttered, “You were right, it’s not just about the money you get being in the military, it’s something more than that. My brother was crazy about wanting to join the defense services. We have a family business, he could have earned even better here. But he decided to join the army instead. It was his choice and not an option. Now that we ask him to come back since the training is making him sick, he still is willing to continue”.

With every call she received from him, she would spend the entire night in fear. Her younger brother’s tiring voice would not let her be at peace. She was finally feeling how it feels to be related with someone in the defence services. This is a profession which not only affects you but also your family. All that you earn and compromise, be it an achievement or a misfortune, it stays not only with the man in uniform but also with his entire family. When he does not calls for a week, busy in safeguarding the nation, it’s not only he who remains awake, it’s his entire family waiting for his one call and praying for his well being.

Now when you think, it’s his job. Well, it’s not a job, it’s a service. It is passion and not an option. Not everyone is born with the guts to sacrifice their lives for others. It takes a brave woman to give birth to such super heroes and a mighty body to dwell that fearless soul.


8 thoughts on “Before you think they died because it’s their job, read this…”

  1. Very true. They won’t realize what we’re going through and start pointing fingers at us for all the benefits we receive. Least did they know that these benefits didn’t matter to us. We don’t take pride in the privileges we receive but the men in Olive Green who sacrifices himself and being with his family, only to protect these selfish people who don’t even understand or give a damn to it.

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    1. Well, that is very rightly said. No privilege can be greater than life. But you know what, no one even cares until it gets personal. We just live in a society breeded with selfishness.

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  2. Anjali, What I say to this masterpiece of you!! Soldier, a person who sacrifice all from the very first day for the country and still people believes he got privileges which is more higher than cost of his/her life.. But they forget that Life of Person can’t be valued in monetary terms, there’s so much behind that… Really good share, 😀


    1. Thanks for the read. But if I kept on filling the categories, there would eventually be a list of professions that selflessly work for the betterment of this society. But this piece is solely dedicated to the brave men in our defence forces. Ofcourse that’s more of a perspective here.


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