A new dawn

Let me begin with my reasons for this long hiatus from blogging. A lot has happened in the past year. There’s a lot that my pen has to catch up on. Indeed, we survived a massive pandemic and are struggling to come out of it. But today is a good day. Not because we’re past the pandemic, not because the priest said the period after 29th October would be favorable but because, today, I decide to be happy. Today, I decided to share some moments with my pen. I can’t promise, but I positively affirm that we’ll have such moments more frequently.

          What to say about life! I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that life is nothing sort of what most of us imagined in our childhood to be. Statistically speaking, it isn’t even 99.9% of what I thought it would turn out like. Gone are the days, when you would cry for a flute at the fair and your grandfather would get you a sparkling deal out of it. We no longer need flutes or dolls, our problems have outgrown us and even our parents can’t help us with it. Life isn’t a deal of toys anymore. But whatever little it matches with my life of dreams, I feel grateful to have come this far.

Life’s busy.

Busy is the best.

          From writing alphabets by joining dots to writing words, to framing sentences, to writing stories, to creating blogs, I now write research articles. The metamorphism from Nursery school to Ph.D. not only feels overwhelming but also awakening. Academic writing takes most of my time and the past year flew in a jiffy. I believe, the combined personal growth I experienced during my graduation and post-graduation day (five years) is far from the growth I witnessed in the last on year alone. It taught me patience, the ability to adapt, channelize my energy, and inculcated a better sense of responsibility. Nevertheless, not all days are nice and shiny, in fact, there lie periods of uncertainty, days when you feel like giving up, days when you try to get your shit together. But then I configure how far I’ve come and how no journey is easy. The emotional turmoil you face during a Ph.D. and everything that people subject you through and assume about you is another huge topic that I would write about some other day. But all in all, it transforms you into a different version, which your friends and family consider as madness :D.

          The New Year is yet too far to come and I could not wait for another two months to recommence my blog. So here’s to the new dawn. We shall share our Black & whites.

Life is a stage of infinite possibilities

One can live several lives in a single lifetime

Why do you wait for new years to kick in

Your cells regenerate and so may you relive

Isn’t that enough to set you free

Lit your fire of faith

And let your spirit revive

You got to find your foot

In this hustling world

You will always have two options

Either lose your charm

Or outshine your fears

Life is a stage of infinite possibilities

With each day comes a new dawn.


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