The damage is done

I removed apart petals by petals, thinking the next petal I remove will make the rose look even better. As I removed one, the imbalance in symmetry made be remove the other. I plucked the best rose amongst many owing to its beauty and shape. As I held it for a while, it looked less attractive. My intention to make it even better changed the sole reason I plucked it. The rose is helpless. Oh how it wishes, someone better, who meant to keep it as is have plucked it. The rose has lost its charm. I want to have it again the same way I saw it for the first time. Fresh as morning, untouched, blooming with petals wide open. But, the damage is done, the shape is gone, the charm is hindered. I stored it between my books, avoiding to see the damage I made.
Do you understand the analogy?


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