Amidst the interrogations

Do I?

Ever did I?

What was that?

What’s it now?

Would I?

Would someone?

Would him?

Can I?

Is it again?

Can it happen again?

Is this normal?

What’s wrong?

Why do I?

Is it good to?

Where will it lead?

do you know?

do you feel it?

am i wrong?

should i stop?

will i hurt?

will this?

what even is this?

is it?

could it?

do you want that?

maybe not now but sometime

but i think you know

what i think

but do you?

do i, even?

do you still?

is that?

is she?

am i?

are you?

are we?

What’s this?

Is it normal?

Do you understand?

Even I don’t

You feel the mess?

I’m lost

Am I turning cynical?

But it sucks

What about the void?

Will it fill?

Has it already?

Where is it taking me?

And the career?

Will I be able to?

And the dreams?

And the promises?

And me?

And us?


12 thoughts on “Amidst the interrogations”

      1. Questions doesn’t create a doubt. They provide clarity, because without questions, it would be difficult to understand what and why we are doing what we should/are doing.
        Dilemma, yes. But what’s more important in being in a state of dilemma is finding a solution, and this may be right, or wrong, we will only know after we have made a decision.

        Too much ?

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      2. And I believe, questions create a doubt. I do not agree on the validity of your statement. It might be particularly in your case but generally questions do arise confusion. Had we got all our answers, no doubt would have originated. It’s the question (numerous questions I would say) that keeps on pinging your mind and leaves you directionless. And sometimes all you look for are solutions, but you fail to find one. That’s when you find yourself amidst the interrogations.

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      3. It’s not the questions that create doubt, it’s two answers that create doubt. Dilemma, as you have mentioned earlier means that you have two alternatives and you are confused so as to which one to take.

        My statement isn’t based on validation, it’s my opinion.

        Again, questions don’t create confusion, the course of action to be taken for the questions does because we feel that there might be a better alternative.
        I agree that had we got all the answers, there would be no more questions but not doubt.

        I do agree with that, looking for solutions. But why do we fail to find one?

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      4. For the very simple reason that certain things aren’t in our control. They bound to be unveiled by time. And this ‘time’ is so hard to face. It keeps on lingering, turning your life into a quiz and there you’re, all played on the hands of time. And we have no clue what’s going on. A blind fold. You see a horizon. The more you try to go closer, with a hope to find a way, the more you find yourself tangled. That’s just the uncertainty of life, right? No one has ever caught it’s pace.


      1. it seems u r left with a lot of questions in few days. Not a good sign !! u left no place to talk


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