When Orphan met Parented 

 When the wind blows, 

They shut all the doors. 

The cradle will rock, 

Our clothes are all torn.” 

rhymed the Orphan. 

“We are all, the orphans of love,

With a broken smile.”

rhymed the Parented. 

and added…. 

You are an Orphan, 

And you know it. 

There are many who are not, 

But still endure it. 

You want someone, 

To replace your mother’s essence, don’t you? 

But hey! It won’t make much difference. 

Not all moms fill the voids.

Hey! Don’t be Sad, 

When someone calls you an Orphan. 

You are not just another one. 

Searching for that elusive love. 

There are people with kins, 

Still wallowing love’s misfortune. 

A pitiful life, 

A regular modern living hell. 

Hey! Don’t be sad, 

If you wish you had, 

Someone to wipe your tears. 

There are many having a family, 

But no one to wipe their tears. 

Hey! Don’t be sad,

Atleast you know, 

You’re an Orphan. 

And you’re now strong,  

Cause you had no one in your pitfalls. 

But look at the Parented ones, 

Who feel alone in this massive ball, 

They are so fragile,

And no one to pick when they fall. 

Hey!  don’t be sad, 

I know, 

You don’t have a family, 

You’re an Orphan. 

But see, 

They have a family, 

They still are orphans. 

Hey! Don’t be sad, 

Listen to what I say. 

No one would take your hand, 

And lead you to the stars. 

Nor would kiss your every single scar. 

Be used to your own lullabies, 

Lullabies of your own pain. 

And to the wisps of nightmares. 

Because…. You’re not alone…. 

We are all orphans,

Orphans of love,

With a broken Smile. 


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